Le Neige de BrebisLe Neige de Brebis

Cheese to cook with

Inspired by the famous Broccio cheese of Corsica, we created our Neige de Brebis - a fresh cheese made from milk and whey.

Its mild flavor and soft texture offer you a wide range of flavors that will personalize and inspire your dishes.

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Le Neige de Brebis

Serving Suggestions :
  • In vegetable au gratin and in stuffed vegetables
  • Corsican and Mediterranean dishes like Imbrucciata, Fiadone, etc.
  • In stuffed crêpes, fritters and stuffed galettes
  • Corsican and Mediterranean pastries

    Ingredients :
    Whey and sheep milk, salt
    Moisture : 60%
    Fat content : 20%

    Storage and Keeping Qualities:
    Refrigerate at 2° C (35 °F) : 15 days in the unopened original package
    5-7 days in an opened package

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