Le RicottaRicotta

Cheese to cook with

, a traditional Italian fresh cheese made with whey that has a smooth creamy texture and sweet flavour. Our farmstead ricotta is softer than that typically made from cow or goat milk.

It provides an excellent opportunity for you to discover or rediscover the happiness that can come from true, artisanal ricotta.

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Serving Suggestions :
  • Stuffed pasta dishes: cannelloni and lasagne
  • In salads, on pizza and as an hors-d’oeuvre
  • Use when making sauces, stuffings or fritters
  • For Italian pastries like Cassata, Crostata, Tiramisu and other desserts
  • At breakfast on toast or bagels, with jam
  • With fresh fruit and maple syrup
  • To replace full fat cream and cream cheese in any recipe

    Ingredients :
    Sheep milk, whey, salt
    Moisture : 70%
    Fat content : 12%

    Storage and Keeping Qualities:
    Refrigerate at 2° C (35 °F) : 2 months in the unopened original packaging
    7 days when opened

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