Le FetaFeta
Courtesy of Hal Trussel

Cheese to cook with

Feta is a very white fresh cheese that is cured in brine. Originating from Ancient Greece, its taste is slightly acidic and salty, with a very soft and crumbly texture. Feta is ideal for cooking or use as a garnish.

Our farmstead feta, made of pure sheep milk, is presented in olive oil and fines herbes. It keeps very well and can be served right from the package.

Please refer to the following link for additional information about Feta, its origin and use:

La Moutonnière Newsletter (Feta Edition)
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Serving Suggestions :
  • In a traditional Greek salad with tomatoes and black olives
  • As a garnish on green salads
  • On pizzas, canapés, and appetizers, or added to sandwiches with tomatoes
  • You can use it between layers of Filo dough

    Ingredients :
    Sheep milk, rennet, salt, olive oil and spices
    Moisture : 54%
    Fat content : 22%

    Storage and Keeping Qualities :
    Refrigerate at 2° C (35 °F) :
    Keeps for 1 year if vacuum packed

    Keeps for 1 month after opening

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