Le CabanonLe Cabanon
Courtesy of Hal Trussel

Soft Cheese

Le Cabanon is a slightly aged cheese with a soft body, wrapped in a maple leaf that has been soaked in alcohol.

Our Cabanon is guaranteed to amuse your palate with all sorts of subtle and full-bodied flavors that run the gamut from hazelnut to spices.



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Le Cabanon

Serving Suggestions:
  • On a cheese plate
  • On canapés or sandwiches of rye bread or sourdough
  • As an entrée with oil on a bed of green leaves
  • Delightful as a buffet item with croutons and a thin strand of hot maple caramel drizzled on top.

    Ingredients :
    Sheep milk, lactic cultures, rennet and salt
    Moisture : 40-58% (depending on aging)
    Fat content : 20%

    Storage and Keeping Qualities:
    Refrigerate at 2-4° C (35-39 °F) : 1 month

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