Le Bleu
Courtesy of Hal Trussel

Blue Veined Cheese

Le Bleu is a distinctive cheese with an attractively veined with natural green and blue molds . The rind is natural and it has a slightly sweet flavor with the characteristic sharpness of the blue cheese family.

In spite of its character, this cheese has a subtleness that begs to be tasted again and again.

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Le Bleu
Serving Suggestions :
  • On a cheese plate
  • On sandwiches and canapés
  • In small green salads with dried hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds
  • In a wine sauce for a filet of beef or in fondue
  • With desert and a glass of Porto.

    Ingredients :
    Sheep milk, rennet, p. roqueforti, lactic cultures, and salt
    Moisture : 48%
    Fat content : 29%

    Storage and Keeping Qualities:
    Refrigerate at 2-4° (35-39 °F) : keeps well for 4 months

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