Sheep Milk
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Sheep Milk
is mild flavored, quite rich and tastes slightly sweet. It possesses a higher solid content than cow or goat milk and contains up to twice the vitamin/mineral content of these other milks in calcium, phosphorous, zinc and B vitamins.

What is the advantage of drinking a glass of sheep milk (250 ml) compared to cow milk?

Prevent osteoporosis
A glass of sheep milk (250 ml) contains 48% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium (60% more than cow milk).

A glass of sheep milk (25 ml) contains 55% more protein than cow milk and as much as twice as many vitamins and minterals including calcium, phosphorous, zinc and B vitamins.

Taste and quality
Sheep milk is milder and sweeter than cow or goat milk, and it doesn't have an after-taste. Our on-farm processing at La Moutonnière is a guarantee of quality.

Sheep milk has been shown to hold certain advantages for people who have allergies or can't readily digest cow or goat milk.

Sheep milk can also play an important role as a source of metabolic energy and can actually help reduce blood cholesterol, rather than providing additional fats that accumulate in adipose tissue. This unique ability is due to elevated levels of short and medium chain mono and polyunsaturated fats and other essential fatty acids.

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Properties :
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    Fact Sheet about Sheep's Milk

    Ingredients :
    Reduced fat sheep milk
    Hum. : 100%
    M.F. : __%

    Conservation :
    Refrigerate at __°C : __ days


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