From there we took the high road, our journey fueled by a passionate love of nature, which led us to raise sheep in order to offer you the very best of products:

Our famous farmstead sheep milk cheeses
Given the current state of the economy, it would seem that two trends are occurring with increasing frequency. The first is the mass production of foodstuffs. The second is the renaissance in products that stand apart from the mainstream. We are committed to our mission. Compromise is not an option. That mission is …

To nourish your body and soul with good-tasting, high-quality products made in an artisanal manner.
The old saying «as gentle as a lamb» applies quite well to us. For all that, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be aggressive - «determined» might be a better choice of words - when it comes to protecting and sharing our driving passion with you. Our journey began as a quest for an ideal, that of

Contributing toward the development of an agro-alimentary model which strives to reconcile economic viability with healthy food and sustainable development.